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Do you need a removal van for your move? Before making a decision, consider all available options based on your specific situation. Keep reading to explore the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a removal van, rental rates, and alternative cost-effective solutions.

How much does it cost to rent a removal van?

Rental van services are usually quoted at hourly or daily rates. It is important to note that most companies impose a 2 hour minimum charge for the removal van and have further charges by half hour increments after the 2 hours is exceeded.

Some companies offer fixed price rates, usually for larger, long-distance removals. If you prefer fixed prices to avoid higher costs incurred due to unexpected delays, it is a good idea to ask the moving company instead of hiring a van by yourself.

Average man with a van rental rates (per hour with 2 hour minimum)

Type Of Van
1 Man
2 Men
3 Men
4 Men
Transit Van
Luton Van
Luton Lorry

Self-drive moving van rental rates (daily)

Type Of Van
Loading Capacity
Price Range
Medium Wheel Base
8 – 10.4 m3
€47.50 – €60.00
Long Wheel Base
12 – 14 m3
€70.00 – €95.00
15.1 m3
€95.00 – €120.00
Luton Lorry
26.3 m3
€142.50 – €200.00

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Types of moving vans

The most common vans used by moving companies or available for rent are categorised into 4 groups by size. These standard sizes of vans can transfer anything from a full house removal to a small amount of furniture or boxes.

Van TypeCapacityIdeal for
Medium Wheel Base7-10 m3Perfect for moving a few boxes or a small piece of furniture due to its smaller size.
Long Wheel Base10-15 m3Suitable for boxes and a few pieces of furniture (smaller size), or multiple pieces of furniture and contents of a two-person flat (larger size).
Luton Van15 m3Transporting several boxed items and a few large pieces of furniture, fits the contents of a small house.
Luton Lorry27 m3Moving to a 3-bedroom flat or medium house, suitable for a 3+ person family.

Things to consider when hiring a removal van

Although renting your own removal van and going through with the move may appear at first glance to be the cheapest option, there are a number of other issues to consider. 

  • Van pickup and drop off: Depending on your location, the travel time to pick up the van can be considerably long, with the associated fuel costs. Also, if you are moving to a new city, you will have to either drive the van back to the original location or find a company that offers one-way rentals, adding to more transport costs.
  • Lengthy paperwork and large deposit: A removal van rental involves many papers as well as paying a deposit in case of any damage to the vehicle.
  • Difficulty driving a larger vehicle: Driving a larger van can be difficult, especially on unfamiliar, busy city roads. Also, if you rent the Luton Lorry, some areas require special licences to operate.
  • Longer moving times: Conducting the move by yourself is significantly slower than having the assistance of professional movers, even with the help of friends and family. You also run the risk of injuring yourself or damaging your valuables.

In short, removal vans might be effective for one or two pieces of furniture. However, after including these points, conducting bigger moves by yourself often costs more than hiring a man and van company. For large moves, renting a van on your own often has no real price advantage at all.

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Other cost-effective alternatives

Man With a Van

A man with a van works very similarly to hiring a removal van, with additional advantages. The movers know how to safely load your belongings and ensure they will arrive at your destination as quickly as possible. After inspecting your possessions, the professional mover will know how everything will fit into the van.

If you are moving out of a 1-bedroom flat and looking for a cheap way to transport your belongings and furniture, then hiring a man with a van company is the perfect solution for you.

Removal Companies 

For your larger moves, such as those involving a 4-bedroom home, removal companies are more suitable. Of course, man with a van operations are able to handle large moves, however, loading and transport times are usually much longer due to smaller vans and less manpower. 

Alternatively, you may rent a van and move all of your belongings by yourself, but you might end up damaging your valuables with no insurance. Then removal companies, with their ability to take care of everything from packing and loading to disassembly and cleaning, are a more appropriate solution.

Finding the best price for you

To take full advantage of the benefits of removal vans, the next step is to find out the exact cost of hiring a van. Request free moving quotes from removal van service providers in your area through the form below. Compare up to 6 companies, and effortlessly find the offer with the best value.

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