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Moving to Spain

Are you Moving to Spain? If you’re thinking of making this sun-kissed country your new home, there’s some practical information you should know before you start thinking about sangria and tapas.

How much does moving to Spain cost?

The cost of a move to Spain depends on a few different criteria:

  • How many items you want to transport.
  • Whether you choose to send your possessions by air or road.
  • The distance you are moving.
  • The route your removals will take.

In the table below you can find more information about the prices.

House SizeShipping Container Via SeaCost Via Air freight
1-2 Bedroom Flat1300 € - 1900 €2600 € - 3200 €
3-5 Bedroom House2000 € - 2300 €3800 € - 5400 €

The whole process of relocating to another country may at times feel overwhelming, so why not leave it to the hands of our trusted service providers? Simply, fill out a form specifying your needs and you’ll receive personalized quotes which you can then compare and save on your international removal costs.

moving to spain

What to consider when moving to Spain

While the cost of moving to Spain varies significantly from person to person and family to family, below is an overview of the main things that factor into your international removal cost.

  • Choose a mode of transport. Out of the three transport methods sea, land, and air, shipping your belongings to Spain via sea freight is the most budget-friendly option. It may take longer than via land, but it is more cost-effective than via air freight. Also, while the actual transport of your goods takes about 2-5 days, we recommend comparing moving abroad quotes at least three months before you are due to leave.
  • Choose a destination port. There are a total of 57 ports throughout the country with the biggest ones located in Barcelona, Valencia, and Algeciras. It is highly likely that your belongings will at some point reach one of the main ports. Be sure to factor in the truck or train transport cost from the port to your new home or find out if your service provider offers a full door-to-door service – it may end up being more cost-effective.
  • Size and number of containers. An easy way to determine your shipping container costs is by the number of rooms worth of goods you’re planning on shipping. Additionally, If you need to ship any last-minute items via sea freight, we’ve added a cost estimate for that as well in the table above.

Documents, documents, documents

As a Irish national, you have the right to live in any other EU country, so it is important to request and gather the official documentation to take with you prior to your move. Be sure to make photocopies of each item beforehand – you’ll be thankful you did.

Checklist of documents to take with you:

  • Passport
  • Marriage/birth certificates
  • Bank details
  • European health insurance card

Once you arrive in Spain, you’ll need to obtain a Número de Identidad de Extranjero (NIE or foreigner identification number) from a National Police Station. This is mandatory as you’ll need it in order to open a bank account and other official procedures. If you’re planning to work in Spain, you’ll need to request a social security number by presenting your passport and a photocopy to the social security office. You will then be given a temporary card that will allow you to apply to jobs.

Cost of living in Spain 

You’re probably already aware of the low cost of living in Spain when compared to that of Ireland. It may very well be one of the main reasons you’re considering moving there in the first place. If you want to indulge in the local cuisine and live like a local, your money will stretch much further than back at home. Renting or buying a house can also be quite reasonable, even if living in the city center of a bit city.

Quick facts about Spain

The endless supply of sunshine all year-round, wide diversity of landscapes to explore, and the way of life calling for fiestas to siestas are among the main reasons Irish nationals decide to make Spain their new home. It’s no big surprise that Spain hosts the largest group of English speaking living in the rest of the European Union.

Ready to move to Spain?

There are many things to consider when moving abroad, and we’re happy to connect you with our trusted service professionals who will guide you through every step of the way. By filling out the quote request form, you’ll be connected with up to 6 specialized moving companies bringing you closer to your new life in Spain.

Moving to Spain

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