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Moving to UK

Moving abroad is an exciting prospect but can be a challenging one, even if it is just across the Irish Sea to the UK. Getting help from a professional removal company makes this task simpler than you think. From the first phone call to unpacking the first box, we’ve got all your needs covered. Read on for all the knowledge you need to move from Ireland to the UK.

Costs of moving to the UK

Buying a house in the UK is just the first part of moving. The second part is getting there with all your precious belongings. 

There are several variables that have an impact on the cost of moving, such as the quantity of furniture, the distance, and any extra services you might need. Here is our pricing guide below for a rough estimate on international removals. 

For a more accurate assessment tailored to your specific needs, it is recommended to seek quotes from various removal companies and compare their prices and services.

Average costs for moving house to the UK (2-bedroom house)

ServicesCost DetailsPrice Range
Packing & UnpackingExpert packing and unpacking of your belongings€200-500
InsuranceVaries on amount and type of goods being transported€200-300
Storage Units Secure place for temporary storage€80-100 per month
TransportationRelocation related moves and toll charges, if any€500-800
Cleaning  ServicesMove-in/ out cleaning services for your move€100-200

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How does moving to the UK work?

After picking your desired company, the removal continues just like any other domestic removal in Ireland. The chosen company will most likely charge a set fee to load and remove your property but rather than removing your possessions to a new home, they go into a shipping container. From here the shipping container will be handed off to a shipping company who then makes all the necessary arrangements to ship your property to the UK. 

Upon arrival in the UK, a second removals company will collect your goods and can either deliver them straight to your new home, or if you still need to make living arrangements, a storage location.

Shipping isn’t just limited to ocean-going vessels either. Essential or urgent goods can usually be shipped via air freight. The transit times for air freight are considerably less but do cost a significant amount more than shipping containers. You should also bear in mind that smaller items may not warrant an entire container and sometimes you can save money by sharing a container with others.

What is the average duration for moves?

Depending on the method of shipping, here are the approximate door to door transit times. These times are based on average and given as a guide to assist you in your planning. For a better estimate, you can get quotes from various moving companies in Ireland.

Estimated Transit Times to the UK from Ireland

Type of ServiceSuitable forTime of delivery
Courier ServiceShipping 1-2 boxes to UK2 to 3 days
Palletised serviceFrom 2 more boxes to moving a studio2 to 4 days
Part load/ Full loadA studio to 2 bedroom house3 days to 1 week
Shipping container2 bedroom to 6 bedroom house1 to 2 weeks

Getting the right international remover

Moving to the UK is no easy task for most people. Professional Irish removals firms that specialise in international removals will be able to handle all the hard work for you liaising with multiple businesses, such as storage depots, freight forwarding firms and the UK removal companies.

As with any trade, getting the right company for the job is a key part of success and this still applies to removals. Reviews and recommendations are a good place to start as this is direct feedback from their previous clients. Checking for registrations with a regulatory board, such as the International Federation of Freight Forwarders, is a great start too. These registrations are a hallmark of high quality removals firms with great reputations.

Communication is another key part of the right company for you. Moving abroad is a big deal and a company that can reliably keep you informed and answer any questions you may have is incredibly beneficial. Knowing who you need to speak to, when you need to speak to them will put you at ease. With an established Irish removals company, you won’t have to worry about this.

The final part of getting the right removals firm is the cost. Getting multiple quotes, comparing the prices with their reviews, and just talking with your prospective companies is a great way to find your perfect removals firm.

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Useful tips for moving to the UK

  • Get a new home to stay. London provides a lot of work opportunities, though housing can be expensive. Unless you have your heart set on living in the capital, other cities like Cardiff or Manchester can be a great place to be at a cheaper living cost.
  • Make a list of all the different services and offices you need to register with when moving to the UK, including insurance and a General Practitioner (GP), to ensure you don’t miss out on the advantages of living there.
  • Research the public transport links in the area you’ve chosen to live in the UK; it might be cheaper to catch a bus than drive, especially in London where the Oyster service can help you save money.
  • Exchange your driving licence for a UK one, only if you are not an EU citizen. If you’re an EU citizen with a full driving licence, there’s no need to exchange it.
  • Start looking for schools for your young children as soon as possible when moving to the UK, as schools are in high demand and securing a spot early will give you the best options.
  • Open a new bank account if necessary to exchange your home currency to pounds. Banks are fairly easy, though keep an eye on your currency rate.

Request your quote and compare prices and services

The best tip of all, however, is to compare quotes from different companies for your removal to the UK. This is a quick, pain-free process and you will receive quotes from different companies and some of the best offers on the market. Get your quotes now with our easy to use form and relax as you save money, time and stress with a professional Irish removals company.

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