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Moving house is often thought to be one of life’s most stressful events. Leaving the familiar, saying goodbye to your friends and family, unexpected delays or problems, and getting used to your new neighbourhood are just some of the things you have to handle with a move.

It is already stressful enough without having to worry about the large costs associated with a move. That is even more relevant if you are on a tight budget. That is why we have compiled a few ways to achieve a cheap removal.

Moving house - cheap removals

Cheap removals: What you need to know about the price

Understanding the price factors is key to being able to reduce the total cost of your removal project. If you know how companies determine their quoted price, you will see which areas you can save money.

The cost of removals depends on a few main factors:

  • The total volume of your belongings
  • The distance between your old and new home
  • Accessibility of your properties
  • The timing of your move
  • Extra services that you request

Looking at these price determinants, we can identify a few areas where you can save money. Lowering the volume of items, timing your move smartly, and forgoing certain services means you have a cheap removal.

How much do removals cost

The table below shows the average costs of moving a 3-bedroom home 50 kilometres.

Removal Company- Loading, transport, and unloading of your belongings
Packing- Expert packing of items and furniture
Packing Materials- Boxes, wrapping, packing tape, papers, and covers
Disassembly and Reassembly- Taking down furniture to prepare for packing
- Assembly at your new home
Storage- Use of storage facility for 1 month
Cleaning- Full house professional cleaning services
Total- 3-bedroom house removals cost

Lower your removal costs by comparing

With all the costs involved with moving house—estate agent fees, conveyance fees, and deposits, to name a few—you are probably looking for ways to save as much money as possible. One way to lower costs is to find the right removal company. With our quote request form, you’ll receive 6 price offers, saving up to save up to 40%. The form takes only 1 minute and is non-binding, and you can mull over your options at your own pace.

Saving money; cheap removals

How to have a cheap removal

With an understanding of how moving companies calculate their prices, you are able to identify specific areas where you have the potential to save. With this in mind, here are a few tips to help keep your removal costs down.

  1. Declutter:

    Because volume is one of the main factors in determining price, the fewer items you bring with you, the lower the removal company cost will be.

    Take a look at each one of your items and think about whether you have used it in the past year, it’s usefulness, or if it brings about happiness. Give your unneeded items to friends, recycle, or donate them to someone to whom it will be more useful.

    Clutter free home

  2. Sell your old things:

    Another option for the items you have deemed unnecessary is to sell them, either at a car boot sale or online. If you can somehow make money during this time, then your situation will be even better.

    You can use the extra money you make from the sale of your old items towards the removal company costs, or for making your new house feel more like a home!

  3. Pack all of your things yourself:

    Or at least, try to pack as much as you can on your own. Ask willing friends and family to help with packing as this will surely speed up the process—but promise them you’ll return the favour with pizza and a pint of course!

    Since movers charge for their packing services, packing your items by yourself is one of the best ways to save on removal costs.

  4. Rental van and packing boxes; cheap removals

    Alternative sources for packing materials:

    Rather than buying packing supplies from the removal companies, there are other places to find these materials at cheaper prices or even at no cost at all!Ask your neighbours, friends, family, or workplace for boxes that they do not need, or go to your local shop or supermarket.

    For packing paper, use recyclable materials such as newspapers or even some linens and clothing. Check sites like Freecycle; someone could be looking to get rid of a few boxes.

    A recent trend is box rental services, where you rent plastic boxes made from recyclable plastic from companies. You pack your items into these boxes, have them transported to your new home, and have them picked up after use. Their prices are competitive, and it is an environmentally friendly alternative to using cardboard and producing plastic waste.

  5. Get your timing right:

    Start contacting companies and booking early, as removal specialists usually charge more for last minute requests. You will have more time to plan and budget accordingly, lowering the chances of unexpected expenses.

    Also, try to book your moving day during off-peak times. Avoid weekends, bank holidays, the first and last days of the month. The moving season is in full swing between May and September so if possible, move outside of these months.

  6. Take advantage of part load rates:

    If you are moving long distance or abroad, consider part load transport offers. Although you will have to share shipment space with others and wait a little longer for your items, you will save a significant amount on transport costs.

  7. Obtain multiple quotes:

    Comparing removal quotes from different companies will really let you see the best price and set of services that match your needs. Get at least 3 quotes, and by being able to see offers together in one place, you will easily find the remover with the greatest value for your money.

    Give as much information as you can when talking with moving companies so that they will give the most detailed cost breakdown as possible, saving you the nasty surprise of added costs in the future.

Couple looking online for cheap removals

Other ways to save money when moving house

Aside from cheap removals, there are other aspects of moving house where you can save money. These either deal with tasks before or after your big moving day and range from dealing with utilities to negotiations.

  1. Double check your utility change dates:

    If your moving date does not perfectly match up with your bill cycle, you may be better off cutting your service early.

    It might be tough to live a few days without what is important—yes, even wifi!—but you will save money by avoiding an extra month of utilities that you will not use.

  2. Change suppliers:

    Use this opportunity to find new energy suppliers. Just because you’re moving to a new place, it does not mean you should stay with your current utility providers.

    Shop around and research various providers to see if there are better deals available.

  3. Change your address:

    Make sure to inform the necessary people of your address change on time. This includes registering at the local authority of your new area to pay council tax, as well as your energy providers. Additionally, register to vote as this will improve your credit score.

    It is a good idea to redirect your mail so that you will not miss any bills. If you think you will be able to avoid these payments, you will only cause trouble and a large lump sum for yourself later on.

  4. Use up or donate your food:

    If you have a fridge and freezer full of food, make sure to consume it. Begin planning meals early on so that you will not have to throw any out before or during your moving day.

    If you have non-perishable items that you cannot use up in time, donate them to charitable organisations. That way, you will help out those in need and not waste any food.

    Fridge full of food; using up your food before moving house

  5. Ask your company for moving assistance:

    In situations where you are moving due to work, check with your employer to see if they offer relocation assistance.

    This could be anything from extra time off to finish moving to your new house to paying up to a certain amount to offset your moving costs.

  6. Negotiate:

    Even if you don’t feel you have the best bargaining skills, but it never hurts to try negotiating prices. Estate agent, conveyors, surveyors, and even removal companies—identify opportunities to save, negotiate their fees, and you might get a significant discount.

  7. Keep a close watch over your spending after your move:

    Remember, your frugal efforts should not stop once you complete your move! The period immediately following your move can be characterised by heavy spending.

    Cleaning the house, filling your fridge and pantry, or buying new furniture and appliances, plus other innumerable purchases —all of these expenses can add up.

    Resist the temptation to splurge and instead, find creative ways to save and find inexpensive solutions. Look for cheap, vintage dining table which, with a quick coat of paint, would perfectly suit your new home!

    Or perhaps, you could try making homemade cleaning supplies; this is less expensive than buying products and is much more environmentally friendly.

Cleaning new home; cheap removals

Shop around and save

Ready to find the right removal company for you? Your next step is to send a quote request to reliable movers operating in your area. Once you see multiple price offers presented in one place, you will easily work out which company is the best value for your money. With potential savings of up to 40%, you will benefit tremendously from obtaining multiple quotes. Complete our no-obligation request form and find cheap removals options.

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