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Moving Boxes

Whether you are relocating within Dublin, moving to another part of Ireland, or even transitioning to the UK or EU, having the right moving boxes and packing supplies is crucial. This guide will answer your key questions about moving boxes and packing, and provide helpful tips for your next move.

Costs of moving boxes and packing supplies

You may have some storage boxes, like plastic crates for old clothes or a filing cabinet for paperwork, but these won’t be enough for your move. Purchasing moving crates, boxes, and protective packaging is essential to protecting your belongings during transit. This keeps items organised and makes it easier for movers to handle them properly, reducing the risk of damage.

The table below provides an estimate of packing supply costs for an average house move.

Type of PackagingApproximate Cost
Small box€2.50 each
Medium box€3.50 each
Large box€4.00 each
Clothes box with bar€12.00 each
High-quality tape€3.50 per roll
Bubble wrap€15.00 per large roll
Packing paper€13.00 per 500 sheet ream
Moving cover€4.50 each

Is buying boxes for moving worth it?

Investing in high-quality moving boxes ensures that your belongings are protected during transit. Cardboard boxes and packing boxes are essential for organising and safely transporting your possessions, as they can handle the weight and stress of moving, reducing the risk of damage to your items. 

Good news! If you’re moving with a moving company, you might not need to worry about finding and buying boxes. Most  removalists include the cost of packing supplies in their overall prices or provide the boxes for free.

How many boxes should I buy for my move?

The number of boxes you will need is determined by the size of your home and the number of items you own. In general, a one-bedroom flat requires about 20–30 boxes, whereas a three-bedroom house may require 50–60 boxes or more. It is always a good idea to get a few extra boxes for last-minute packing.

Home SizeEstimated Number of Boxes
Studio/ 1-bedroom house20 – 30 boxes
2-bedroom house60 – 90 boxes
3-bedroom house80 – 120 boxes
4-bedroom house100 – 140 boxes
5-bedroom house140 – 180 boxes

If you are still unsure about the number of boxes needed, try asking your moving company.  They will not only carry out your move for you, but they will also have the expertise to let you know how many of each item you might need, which helps you avoid overspending. 

Where can I get cardboard boxes?

In Ireland, there are numerous options for purchasing cardboard boxes. Local moving supply stores, big-box retailers, and online marketplaces offer a variety of sizes and types of boxes. If you’re looking for convenience and quality, it is better to arrange your move with a removal company that will provide customised moving boxes tailored to your specific needs. They can also offer a wide range of packaging supplies and help you with packing, ensuring you have everything safe during your move.

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How to save money with packaging costs

Don’t skimp on cheap moving boxes when you are starting to pack up. Use sturdy cardboard boxes or crates as recommended by your removals firm. If items fall out of overstuffed and overly light boxes, then they will turn out to be a false economy. You might be able to rent stackable storage crates from your removals firm so ask about this possibility, too.

Another good tip is to save old linen and blankets in the run-up to your move. These can be used to protect furniture that cannot be taken apart easily, such as dining tables and sofas, with no cost attached to them. If you know someone who has moved recently, then make them an offer for their used packaging supplies. It is a good way to obtain cheap moving boxes which are proven to be strong enough for the job.

Last but not least, don’t hesitate to contact multiple removal firms about packaging materials and other moving costs by filling out the form below. With a single request, you will receive several quotes directly in your inbox, saving you time and money searching for multiple options.

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