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Moving can be a time-consuming and difficult process. Removal companies are here to help with this task. Read on to find out more about what removal companies can offer and the savings you can make by knowing what to ask for.

What does “removal company” mean?

A removal company, also known as a removalist, professional mover, or moving company, is a business that specialises in relocating the belongings of individuals, families, or businesses from one location to another. In addition to transportation, these companies can provide services such as packing materials, disassembling and reassembling furniture, cleaning, and offering storage solutions.

What are the costs of hiring a removal company?

The table below shows a general overview of the price ranges for a long-distance move with packing charges. The price depends on several factors, which include: the volume of items to be moved, the accessibility of your current and destination house, the distance between these two properties, and the timing of the move.

Removal company prices for journeys greater than 50 kilometres

Size of Property Average Transportation Costs
1-bedroom house€600 – €700
2-bedroom house€700 – €800
3-bedroom house€900 – €1,100
4-bedroom house€1200 – €1,500

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What can removal companies do for you?

Aside from loading and transporting your belongings, removal companies offer many other services that cater to your removal needs. These relocation services are usually additional costs on top of the movers’ rates.

Packing and unpacking are the two most common services that removal companies offer. If you do not want to go through the time-consuming activity of packing yourself, the movers may do this on your behalf for a cost. Depending on the company, packing materials such as boxes, wrapping, and tape may or may not be included in the packing service costs.

Movers will handle fragile items, such as antiques or belongings of high sentimental value, using special equipment or moving methods. Some moving companies offer piano removal services. They use protective coverings, dollies, and carrying straps to ensure your instrument arrives at your new home safely. If certain items are too large to fit through a doorway or carry down a flight of stairs, the movers will move them through a window or use lifting equipment.

Occasionally, you may need to have some items stored if you can’t move into your new home right away. Removal companies have their own storage facilities or have the means to transport your possessions to a third-party storage company.Whether you are in need of full house removals or simply a furniture removal, moving specialists can respond to your requests.

Additional removal company costs

Packing MaterialsBoxes for a 4-bedroom house
€120 – €150
Dismantling and AssemblyHelp with assembly / disassembly of furniture
StorageSpace if you cannot move immediately
€30 per week
CleaningCleaning of old and new house
€15 per hour

To determine the most accurate cost estimate, consider the details of your move as well as the level of service you would like. For a more comprehensive look, fill out our form with your future move details and let different removalists reach out with moving offers tailored for your unique needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do removal companies pack everything for you?

Yes, moving companies will pack for you upon your request. You can include packing services along with your furniture removals. They can also assist with unpacking and help with disassembly and reassembly during your move.

Do you pay upfront for removals? 

When moving, it’s standard practice to make full payments in advance. While some companies may ask for deposits upfront, reputable and professional removalists typically require full payment 3 to 7 days before the move. 

Small booking fees might be required, but be cautious about paying large deposits, especially in cash or without receipts, to avoid unnecessary stress.

What day is the cheapest for removals? 

During the peak moving season, from May to September, as well as on weekends and the first and last days of the month, demand for removal companies is high, driving up prices. To secure more affordable removal services, we recommend moving on a weekday, outside of peak traffic hours. This can reduce the duration and cost of your move.

Is it worth using a removal company?

If you are moving from a 2-bedroom house or larger, hiring a removal company is definitely worth it. Coordinating the moving schedule, packing your belongings, and settling into your new home can be extremely stressful. Removal companies can manage the entire process, from packing to reassembling your furniture in your new house, alleviating your stress and providing peace of mind.

removal companies

Naturally, you would like your possessions to arrive at your new home in the same condition. With removal firms, your belongings are under the care of movers with expertise and insurance, ensuring they arrive safely. A reputable company will be accountable for your items and so they will pack and transport your belongings in a way that prevents damage. This knowledge also means a much safer move for you and your family, reducing the risk of injuries makes hiring removal companies worth it.

How to choose the right removal company

While you may consider hiring your own removal van, if you have fewer items to transport,  this could require multiple trips and considerable effort. Comparatively, professional movers offer man with a van services, so that your move takes only one trip without any hustle. With the equipment and experience needed to deal with transporting your valuable possessions, choosing the right type of removal option is essential.

Follow these tips to find the right moving company for you:

  • Ask for recommendations from friends and family on removal companies based on their experiences. Contacting people who you trust first is a great way to find reputable companies that operate in your area.
  • Look for members of a national or international removals organisation that provides a directory of removal companies that have passed the group’s strict quality standards.
  • Search for online reviews. Read what other people have written about their time working with the removal company.
  • Get multiple price quotes from different removal companies and compare their services and insurance policies to find the one that best fits your needs.
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