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SEO Intern

Meet Doga, your guide through the moving world. With personal experience and a deep understanding of the intricacies of relocating, Doga has helped countless individuals navigate the challenges of moving since joining Getamover. Her expertise in marketing and knowledge in customer centricity will not only simplify your process but will also transform your journey.

Position: SEO Intern
Company: Skydreams
Since: February 2024

Articles written by Doga

man with a van galway


How much do movers cost? You have multiple options when it comes to moving house, each differing on the level of service that they offer. The type of move you need will also influence your choice. For example, if you are moving from a 1-person flat, hiring a van with a couple of movers will […]
removal van hire

Removal Van Hire

How much does hiring a removal van cost? One of the first things you’ll need to decide is whether to hire a self-drive removal van or book a man with a van service. A self-drive van is the cheapest option but a house move always involves a lot of hard work and stress. The price […]
man with van galway

Man With A Van Prices

How much does a man with a van cost? If your move is small in size or short in distance, man with a van prices offer a value that most moving companies simply can’t match. Compared to traditional movers, who may require multiple men with a large truck, a man with a van is more […]
man with a van

Cheap Man With A Van

How much does a cheap man with a van cost? Man with a van costs vary considerably among individual services. Factors such as the distance involved, the number of items to be moved, and the type of vehicle used can affect the price of a man with a van’s quote for a removal job. We […]
Man With A Van Hire

Man With A Van Hire

What are the average costs of man with a van hire? It is important to note the cost of hiring a man with a van varies from city to city. If you live in Dublin, the average price of a man and van hourly rate will be greater compared to other cities. Likewise, if you […]
Moving boxes

Moving Boxes

How much do I need to set aside for packing supplies when moving? If you are relocating from your current abode because you have sold it and finalised the moving chain or if you have signed a new tenancy for another property, then it won’t be long until your thoughts start to progress to the […]
Moving to America

Moving to America

The cost of moving to America Thinking about an intercontinental move may feel like a big challenge, but don’t let the 5,000+ kilometres worth of ocean scare you away. Yes, that’s a lot of ocean to cross, but you’d be surprised to know how seamless the move can be with the right international removal company. […]
Moving to New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand

What are the costs of moving to New Zealand? Other than the airfares that you’ll need to pay, moving to New Zealand involves the cost of transporting your personal items to the other side of the world. It is fair to say that the costs involved with relocating to New Zealand will vary depending on […]

Moving to Spain

What is the cost of moving to Spain? As a national removal, the cost of international removal depends on the volume of your items and the distance between your old and new home. The average price range for moving to Spain from Ireland is estimated between 1000€ and 5500€. How to estimate the cost of […]
moving to australia

Moving to Australia

What Are the Costs of Moving to Australia? Few people pay for an ocean-going transfer from Ireland to Australia these days. Modern air travel has made that form of transportation virtually extinct. Having said that, goods are still transported by sea and the most common way that Irish citizens move their belongings to the antipodes […]
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